10 Beautiful Indoor House Plants That Are Also Easy to Maintain

Indoor House plants are a great addition to balance, stabilize and bring in a sense of peace and comfort in your immediate surroundings. The list provided below are all easy to maintain plants that do not require much sunlight and watering. Thus, if you’re searching for some ways to accommodate plants in your house which are easy to care for then read on.

Beautiful Indoor House Plants

Here is a list of 10 beautiful indoor household plants that anyone with a knack for growing can opt for in case they are looking to beautify their homes at the same time these plants do not require heavy care and tendering. These are all easy to maintain and they enhance and elevate the home space of an individual adding the element of earth.

1. Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe is infamous for being the most affordable, low maintenance and fanciable plant to have around your indoor space. There are additionally a lot of different sorts of aloe plants that might work similarly as well as a common variety. They are succulents, with lengthened leaves that begin from a focal base and grow outwards in a vase shape which looks stunning. Aloe plant likewise has numerous therapeutic properties, and can prove to be useful for a few purposes. Watering these plants requires minimal efforts.

2. Jade Plant

A jade is a popular choice for people put indoors. It brings freshness and stores water which allows for low maintenance. It is pertinent to add here that Jade plants should receive at least 6 hours of bright light each day. Most people keep Jade plants in their homes because they bring good fortune with them. Ensure that Jade plants have a proper drainage hole in the pots and adequate lighting will bring life and joy to the plant and your home.

3. Money Plant

The scientific name of this plant is Epipremnum Aureum. It is extremely low maintenance with regard to sunlight and water. A money plant is a good choice for those who do not have time to look after their indoor plants. This plant is easily available but it must be kept in mind that it does require a little maintenance.

4. Spider Plant

These elaborate houseplants offer a few indoor advantages. The advantages of these plant make them one of the most incredible indoor plants to acquaint with your home. These plants are ideal for any brilliant home, and are staggeringly simple to develop. Additionally, their following foliage makes it one of the most mind-blowing plants for hanging containers. They are wonderfully vaporous indoor plants with characterized leaves, hued in shades of green and some variegated.

5. Snake Plant

The snake plant is most of the time utilized as home style and can be tracked down in houses for Feng shui purposes. It brings brightness to a house. It is a typical house plant and is otherwise called Sansevieria trifasciata. It has sword molded leaves that develop vertically. These plants are extremely appealing to the eyes. Snake plant is not difficult to really focus on, can endure low-light circumstances, has less water prerequisite, and can endure the dry climate, both inside and outside.

6. The lucky Bamboo Plant

As per Chinese customs, the meaning of lucky bamboo is attached to the number of stalks you that have. These plants have stunning shapes and whirls. They are habitually seen in workplaces and homes with the end goal of good feng shui. Lucky bamboo has a standing as being almost indestructible, which makes this plant ideal for fledgling gardeners or careless waterers. You might need to get the light and water levels perfectly for your bamboo so it flourishes. this plant is not difficult to really focus on as long as you develop it in great quality water.

7. Peace Lilies

It’s a sensibly modest plant to purchase and it getting through prevalence implies it tends to be tracked down in pretty much every shop that sells houseplants. Truth be told we’d say it is possibly one of the main five most well-known houseplants. The reasons individuals love this plant ought to be self-evident. Incredible for amateurs as it’s easy to really focus on with simple to follow guidelines. It will likewise assist with sifting the encompassing demeanour of different toxins.

8. Cast Iron Plant

The cast iron plant (Aspidistra elatior), otherwise called iron plant is a very tough houseplant and an enduring in certain locales. Growing these plants is particularly preferred by the individuals who have very little time for plant care, as this species can endure even the most outrageous circumstances where different plants would wilt and pass on. The plant has little purple blossoms that just show up close to the surface of the soil and are concealed in its foliage. For reasons where this plant does not look too pretty, nonetheless, it compensates for the same in vigorous and solid green leaves.

9. Anthurium Plant

These plants can lighten up your indoor space as they come in beautiful shades of red and pink. These plants are so easy to maintain as they do not require direct sunlight and only a minimum amount of watering every now and then. However, ensure that Anthuriums are placed in a bright spot to keep the plants healthy and lively.

10. Peperomia Plant

These plants have beautiful heart shaped leaves that are usually green in colour but can also be greyish silver or red. These plants do not produce flowers which is great deal for plant lovers but they sometimes grow long white spikes in the name of flowers. Probably the most well-known categories of the plant incorporate watermelon, red-edge, and ripple peperomias. These plants are little and endure low light, so they can be utilized in any manner, form or style. You can put them on a table, ledge, near a window, or even as a piece of a terrarium.


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