They say that the first impression is the last impression. Whether it is a potential client, or newly engaged client, or employees or even the boss, a good landscaping of the office or the workspace always leaves an impact. Working in a plain, boring, and dull workspace can keep the employees uninterested in work. However, a reflective small garden can make your office landscape quite fascinating, thus, bringing life to your commercial space.

Creating an office garden shall not be misunderstood as a modification or renovation of the original commercial building. It is merely a way to adorn and beautify the commercial space in order to enhance the entire character and charm of the commercial space.

If you have a compact or midsize workspace, and you are looking for right garden ideas to add style and clean air into your commercial space, this article is all you need to read.

Some small but very elegant gardening ideas for your commercial space:

1- High-style Planters at the Office Entrance

Including classy planters at the entrance or courtyard of your commercial space can give a low maintenance yet very interesting look to your workspace. The stylish planters at the entrance would give a more inviting look to your office, leaving a strong impression on your potential clients and existing customers. You can use all season plants at the entrance so that the sumptuous yet green look of your commercial space never fades. You can also use some trailing vines to add a simple yet warm vibe to your office giving an industrial and green look at the same time.

The planters to be used at the office entrance should preferably be large or tall box shaped planters to create some monotony giving a professional and commercial vibe. The colors of the planters should not be very vibrant & must compliment the floors and walls of the office space.

2- Focus on Lines & Symmetries

While decorating your office spaces with plants and shrubs, you must ensure that all the planters are lined up properly. The placement of the plants must not be asymmetrical as it can hamper the overall look of your business space. All the oversized plants should be placed either at the entrance of the office or adorn the corners of the office. Whereas, the mid-sized and small plants should be placed by the walls, waiting rooms, lobbies, and small size rooms. The placements of midsized and small plants shall also be systematic and symmetrical as more symmetry of plant placement would signify a better organized approach of the business.

3- Synchronized Color Schemes

Plants just not add greenery to any space. Most of them are vibrant and colorful, adding so much cheer and positivity to entire space. However, when it comes to adding plants in a commercial space, just like planters, it is important to follow a symmetry of plant colors. The courtyard of the commercial space shall have colorful and flowery plants so that anyone entering the office is wowed and bloomed. The reception and conference rooms of the commercial space shall have non flowery but enormously green plants signifying growth and productivity of the business.

The planters should have monotonous colors, preferably not too eye catchy or eye disturbing. More whites or creams or yellows or greys can add a lot of elegance to your work space. Abrupt and multicolored planters kill the professional or corporate vibe of the office space, thus the color scheme and synchronization shall be done properly. Whereas, the plants should be colorful and in their best possible health to add more charm and glam to your commercial space.

4- Don’t Forget the Windows and Balconies

There are hardly any offices without windows. For adding more corporate beauty to your corporate space you can always place some plants at the windows, either towards inside or outside. The best way to decorate your windows through plants is by using shrubs. You can use wide but short planters for windows with falling shrubs or seasonal flowers to elevate the look of your commercial space.

For balconies and rooftops, you can use box planters having multicolored plants making a simple but beautiful statement to your commercial space. The maintenance required for adorning these windows and balconies is minimal but the beauty they add to the entire commercial space is absolutely enormous.

5- Keep it “Seasonal”

What is really going to keep the charm of your office space alive is the perpetual greenery and never fading away plant beauty. The summers are of yellows and oranges, and you can find some best flowers in this season. The spring season blooms the most colors out of the plants, the autumn makes it all pink and red, the rainy season brings the greens out whereas the winters has it all dull white & grey. Every season has different set of colors and plants. Therefore, rotation of plants in your commercial space as per the season would keep changing the entire ambience of the space in every quarter of the year.


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