Innovative House Garden Ideas by Pencil Interiors

If you have a unique and personal relationship with plants and blossoms, why not make an innovative plant garden in your own backyard. Pencil Gardens can give a variety of inventive suggestions, from simply a spot for keeping plants to your own creative and exciting backyard garden.

They likewise can give an eye-catching point of convergence, a spot to pot your plants and loosen up in a tropical desert spring. It is possible that you are hoping to remodel your backyard space or need to give your outdoors a superior look. Seeing the change is generally lovely.

Innovative House Garden ideas

The vast majority of us love to sit outside the home, particularly at night when the weather conditions are great. In any case, have you at any point pondered that you could change over your outdoor space into an ideal garden spot as well? If you want to make your garden space creative, you need to think outside the box. Below is a curated list for you to try out that is budget-friendly and interesting at the same time.

1- Vertical Herb Garden

It is a highly sought-after option for those who want to save space yet maintain more plants. This idea can be implemented in a variety of ways. Used plastic bottles can be converted into small plant pots and placed vertically on shelves in support of wall or a wooden backdrop. A vertical garden can be made using a plumbing pipe or bamboo stocks as planters. This is a great way to save some space and grow useful plants in your house garden.

2- Make A Garden Bench

A garden bench is a great idea for those who want to relax and unwind in their house garden space. A bench that overlooks your garden would be ideal to sit and watch the plants and tend to their needs better. A garden bench can be built with wood or plastic for comfort and aesthetics. All you need to do is make some markings on wood or other material for this purpose, cut out sections and assemble them and eureka! You have a great element to add in your house garden.

3- Terra Cotta Fountain

Adding a water fountain to your house garden is always a rewarding idea both aesthetically and it brings life to the plants. Moreover, the sound of water flowing is like music to the ears. Building a terra cotta fountain is not too expensive and rather easier than you think. All you need to do is arrange some flower pots and terra cotta saucer then start drilling and fixing the pots around the saucer along with a fountain top on the top of the arrangement. After attaching the fountain pump, you can fill the fountain water and start your experience so easily.

4- Build a Raised Garden Bed

A raised garden bed is easy to maintain and quite famous for its utility in house gardens. A raised garden bed is simple to build by placing plants in a level above the ground so that they can be watered easily and get enough oxygen to the roots. This is great idea a it becomes easy to water plants at a level higher than ground and gives a nice look to your house garden.

5- Own Fairy Garden

Building your own fairy garden in your house garden space is as amazing and magical as it sounds. It is indeed a creative endeavour to have one of these fairy gardens sites at your own house. To make a fairy garden all you need to do is cut out gnome and fairy house structures from a cardboard and paint them accordingly. Next you need to decide the place for a fairy garden setup. It can be under a tree, near the entrance or even on corners of your house garden. You simply need to place the fairly land structures along with some mushrooms and stones to decorate the setup. Flowers, small succulents and many more items as you wish can be added to enhance the fairy theme.

6- Garden Fence

A garden fence enhances the look of your house garden and you can definitely add exciting features to the fence. It is fairly simple to build fences using different materials such as wood, panels, pallets, picket, pallet wood, tin-can, etc. It may be recycled, artistic, etc. A fence may also be gates to your garden or a chicken fence or protective fences from wild animals.

7- How to build a birdhouse

A birdhouse is a great feature to add to your house garden that will not only make it livelier but also help you connect to nature and listen to birds sing and tweet in your spare time. If you want to attract winged beauties to your house garden then simply get materials such as a piece of bamboo, a used milk carton, a shoe box, waste coconut shells, dry gourds, ice-cream sticks, old cowboy boots, etc. All of these materials can be converted into natural and playful birdhouse using glue, tape and scissors.

8- Engraved stones

The element of earth such as stones creates a powerful synergy between you and the universe to bring stability, balance and support to your life and your loved ones. Adding stones that are engraved of beautiful words, sayings or even symbol=s and scriptures can add beauty and sophistication to your house garden. All you need is to collect flat and round stones of earthen shades and get them engraved with whatever you like and place them in different corners of your house garden to balance the element at the same time giving an interesting feature to your garden space.

Pencil Garden constantly advocates for innovative house garden ideas that serve a purpose for you in the long run. Home gardening is exciting and simply delightful if you have an idea of the possibilities of utilizing your house garden space in the best possible way. The best person to design your garden is you and if you want to get creative then our ideas are high quality, attractive and sophisticated. Your need and desire of having an innovative house garden will be catered by us from scratch.

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